Was it wrong for the NYPD to turn their backs on their Mayor?

image via Yahoo! News

Not only is the answer, “No,” it is a firm and resounding necessity that they did so, if it was done in good conscience. Which I believe it must have been.

Turning their backs was a First Amendment right. It was an expression of free speech and of their ability to assemble. Whether politics had anything to do with it (as some are saying it did as a way of criticizing the act) can’t rightly be determined except by deciding on a person-by-person basis. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Political speech is also protected and only can be tried in the court of public opinion in the US. Thankfully these officers are not in Cuba.

Most importantly, turning their backs on an elected public official is necessary and more appropriate at this time than at any other. Protests of late have been synonymous with obstruction, destruction, and law-breaking. As many citizens have been turned off by these protests across the country as have been turned on to the injustice they were meant to highlight. They have not been protests at all really, but have been acts of retribution, which have spawned more and more talk of retribution by those who are within that camp.

In contrast to acting out against the law-abiding public, turning backs on a person who is only in power by the will of the people has spoken a clear message of dissent in the face of wrong-doing, to the face of the one who represents the wrong that was done. Mayor de Blasio isn’t the only guilty party, but he is the one that is closest to home for the NYPD, other than the police commissioner. These are the Mayor’s employees. Many of them may have helped put him in office, so protesting against him is a sound and rightful condemnation of his actions.

This act of protest required bravery. There were no national figures spearheading it. The officers were speaking truth to power without raising a voice. There were no false narratives raised and no facts distorted. It was everything a protest should be, epitomizing the concept of peaceful protest. And in the face of this, NYPD is being painted by many as moving forward to create a police state in NYC.

I believe that all of us need to make the decision to take a stand against egregious wrongs when we have the power to do so. There are significant wrongs in the world that need to be addressed. There is something we can all do. Prayer is chief among those acts we can take. Speaking up has never been easier, even if only among your family and friends. The world needs people of courage and conviction, even as the righteous in Christ are encouraged not to engage or offend. Our methods are only as good as our message, and the message calls us to accept right and spurn wrong. We have a Bible that gives us the objective truth on right and wrong, even though the world tries it’s best to water-down, debunk and replace it.

I bring up our spiritual duty to speak up because I am a firm believer that politics, political correctness, and “social justice” are primary weapons to silence the church and will grow stronger in the future. As our time in this world marches on, the heathen will rage on behalf of evil things, and the church will be suppressed to not speak out on behalf of truth. I hope we can overcome the PC pressure to be silent and not act. I hope we will align with righteous causes and forget the fear of being labelled.

God bless and protect those who serve and protect us, and be with the families of the fallen in a special way at this time.


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