#Terrorshaming- All the Rage in a Postmodern, Pro-Islamist World

Terrorshaming is the response from the media and all others considering themselves “elite,” that a person, group, or government is responsible for becoming the victim(s) of an act or acts or terror. This happened after 9/11 to the U.S., and it’s happening now to Charlie Hebdo and the people of France.

Wolf Blitzer and Sally Kohn are two journalists of note who are shaming the victim, as highlighted in this article.

And of course the Islamic apologists are going to say it is the victim’s fault, because the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo were worthy of death under sharia for mocking “the prophet”.

Which made me wonder…

Anyway, the “shame-n-blame,” marginalize-the-victim response has been popular domestically of late, as police officers have experienced more and more ambush-type attacks in the wake of Brown and Garner, which has been justified under the statement that “the police are out of touch with the communities they are supposed to serve.” Even if true, does it justify the assassination of police officers?

It doesn’t, and it shouldn’t. I don’t think we live in a world any longer where there is enough decency to condemn horrific acts of murder just because that is what they are, without having to try to find a way to justify it and put it back on the victim or victims. There is never, ever, ever an excuse for rape, and it is never, ever, ever the rape victim’s fault. The Catholic Church did not and should not get a pass for young people who were sexually abused as children by priests.

So why are so many condemning the victims of Islamist terror, while calling for empathy for the Islamist perpetrators?


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