Right to Abort v. Responsibility to Preserve Life

Another anniversary for the Roe v. Wade decision has come and gone. It was an observance of how we codified murder into the law of the land, during which we celebrated abortion as a “constitutional right.”

By “we codified murder,” I don’t mean We the People. I mean a small, non-representative panel of Supreme Court justices in 1973, who took it on themselves to decide murder is ok if it is committed before birth.

And by “we celebrated,” I don’t mean the majority of Americans, I mean the President of our Nation, who released his congratulatory statement in praise of the “right” to kill innocent children.

“Reproductive rights” are the goal, and the push won’t stop until abortion is as ubiquitous as a visit to the nail or hair salon. If you don’t believe me, search “#reprorights” or “#reproductiverights” on Twitter and see what that crowd is saying. If you’re a decent and moral person, it’ll strike you as absolutely vile.

While you are at it, search “#7in10forRoe,” a hashtag that is meant to demonstrate the reasons that 7 out of 10 Americans reportedly approve of the Roe decision (read this article carefully, as it highlights that the states continue to enact restrictions on abortion in record numbers in spite of oh so many being supportive of abortion). There are really about 5 reasons that I’m seeing- men have no say, men’s bodies are not regulated, government doesn’t belong in a doctor’s office, women deserve access to “comprehensive reproductive health care, and women can make decisions for their own bodies. Let’s break these down one by one:

Men have no say- but they contribute to the condition known as pregnancy.
Men’s bodies are not regulated- while unborn men and women exist in a lawless state of peril without the right or the voice to fight for their own existence.
Government does not belong in your doctor’s office- agreed, but doctors do not belong in the murder business either.
Women deserve access to “CRHC”- murder does not belong in the array of reproductive health services.
Women can make their decisions about their own bodies- the decision making process should start well before conception, and here is the evidence: Forty-nine percent of women had not used birth control in the month that they became pregnant.

The most ludicrous statement I’ve ever read on abortion is this one:

The reasons women give for having an abortion underscore their understanding of the responsibilities of parenthood and family life.

If women who cited not wanting to be a single parent, not being able to afford a child, not being ready for parenthood as reasons for their abortions- if these women understood the responsibilities of being a parent, then they would have exerted control over their own bodies before conceiving. The most insulting sentiment ever to any self-respecting woman should be that she doesn’t have the control needed to resist sexual intercourse. Abstinence for the sake of not becoming a parent until you are out of school? No way! I’m such a prude for even raising the idea.

Throwing the baby out with the bath water will continue to be accepted practice in our nation as long as contrived “rights” continue to trump personal responsibility, as protected and promoted by our elected and appointed leaders. The President can’t be so ignorant as to think that abortion is a “core constitutional right,” can he? So he must be saying what he means, and meaning what he says. That means moving toward abortion as a universal right is the course our nation is on, unless we all stand up and have our voices heard.

Please #praytoendabortion everyday. And reach out to your elected officials to express your support for pro-life efforts. Joking a Right To Life chapter or just share what you know with a neighbor.


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