Moral Decency Applied in the Aftermath of the UVa Campus Rape Hoax

(photo via UVa Office of the President)

A decent person would be:

Glad a horrible rape didn’t actually happen.
Apologetic toward those wrongfully accused.
Not opportunistic on the misery of others (“never let a crisis go to waste.)
Acknowledge there are too many campus sexual assaults without blowing the problem out of proportions for propaganda’s sake (1 in 40 is bad enough, but it isn’t 1 in 5.) See also this video on who is really at the highest risk of sexual assault.

In this speech by the UVa president, presented on Friday January 30th, she had the opportunity to further dispel the myth of sexual assault on the college campus, stand on the campus safety and security measures that were already in place, talk about du process for the accused in sexual assault allegations, and even apologize to those who were smeared in the discredited Rolling Stone interview she brings up halfway down this transcript of her speech. Instead, she touts the prevention efforts that were spawned from this faulty story, that she acknowledges as “the worst journalism of 2014.” She cites how this piece of fiction “resonated with people simply because it confirmed (emphasis mine) their darkest suspicions about universities”. How can a lie of a story confirm anything? While these prevention efforts are touted as being student directed and as being in process before the Rolling Stone article, other projects and programs sprang up as well. Two faculty will do “an innovative study of how safety issues can contribute to long-term gender disparities in educational and professional outcomes.” I assume that requires funding that was reaped from the false story of campus rape. Professors will allow time in class to discuss gender violence on college campuses, and faculty are encouraged to let student miss class for new bystander trainings, neither of which are what parents pay tuition for.

We need more moral decency and less faux moral outrage. Lack of individual moral decency = lack of effective, credible institutions that do what they are supposed to do (like educate kids) + destruction of the rights of the accused via bloated government and her activists. Institutions that embody moral decency will not tolerate the rights violations for victims or for the accused that is found not guilty. They won’t harm victims of sexual assault by glorifying a false account of rape or bloated, inaccurate figures. And they won’t try to cash in on a false crisis.


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