The American Atrocity

I don’t compare the 57 million children who have died by abortion to any other atrocity that has occurred in the world. This figure doesn’t need to be compared with the Holocaust or 9/11 in order to be recognized as an atrocity, and those events don’t deserve to be detracted from by comparing them to anything else.

That being said, I have no problem saying that the 57 million children who have died from abortion since 1973 is the American atrocity. There will never be pograms, gulags, or concentration camps on US soil, but Americans have allowed 57 million deaths to occur on our soil by legalizing and sanctioning abortion.

Among the nations with the highest annual number of abortions, you will see names associated with many horrific acts throughout the last century. But America stands alone as a nation that has abortion as the last, worst blight on its national character. It’s a cancer we can’t seem to heal. Abortion is the American Atrocity.


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