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The Truth About Campus Rape Statistics Undercuts the Abortion Industry

We need more moral decency and less faux moral outrage. Lack of individual moral decency = lack of effective, credible institutions that do what they are supposed to do (like educate kids)+ destruction of the rights of the accused via bloated government and her activists.

I’ve written about the indecency in the aftermath of the UVa false rape allegations, among which was the lack of an apology to the suspended fraternity, claiming that the rape story struck a necessary chord (in spite of the falsehood embodied in it), and the resulting lessening of due process for the accused on college campuses.

Reporting bloated rape figures hurt true victims of sexual assault, though activists hope for the crisis because of the awareness and funding such a crisis would bring. Consider the UVa presidents comment on how the debunked Rolling Stone story “resonated with people simply because it confirmed their darkest suspicions about universities.”

But think about this- the false “1 in 5 women sexually assaulted on college campus” figure also would seem to substantiate the need for broader access to abortion services. The outcry that rises over even the most fundamental legal protections is always that women should have no infringement on their ability to receive abortion services. In Tennessee, abortion was a “fundamental right” until the successful passage of Amendment 1 in November 2014. And now that legal protections are being reintroduced, the liberal, abortionist “fear” is the women who “need” abortion won’t be able to get it.

If so many women are being raped and sexually assaulted, particularly college women who have a bright future ahead of them, then there would most definitely be an increased need for abortion services for those who become pregnant by rape, right?

And so, ulterior motives abound for appealing to the public’s sense of alarm by reporting that 20% of college women are sexually assaulted. In addition to pulling the rug out from under the abortion industry regarding the false campus rape and assault statistic, I want to further damage the movement by declaring that life is precious, from the womb and throughout the lifespan, regardless of the particular circumstances of conception.

Make no mistake- to a decent and moral person, the lower-than-reported rape statistic is a relief. To greedy moral degenerates, it would impact their bottom line, if people would get beyond the scare tactics and see reality.


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