To My Wife- Thanks for Making Me a Better Man

(With my love on Valentine’s Day 2015 at Montgomery Bell State Park)

I want to pay tribute to a few ways my wife has made me a better man recently.

She talks to me about news and current events. She shares stories with me that she thinks I will be interested in. We had just watched a video about the current state of affairs between Israel and the U.S., and she said to me, “I wish there was something we could do to support Israel.” I’m glad she shares my burden to change the world.

We went out to eat after church on Wednesday night. It was unusual, but we had few groceries at home and we needed dinner. A man came up to us and asked if we were Apostolic. I told him that we were. He told us that he works for a trucking company owned by an Apostolic. We spoke a few words, then he left. A few minutes later, Julie said, “I wish we would have said more to him or prayed for him. Maybe you can still catch him?” I had thought the same thing, but I’m not sure I would have gone out and looked over a good portion of the semi-truck parking area if she had not encouraged me to do so. I didn’t find the man, but I believe we encountered him just so I could experience my wife’s heart more intimately.

I see how my sons grow and thrive under her care and teaching, her commitment to being at home so their mother is present with them, and I think about how much different it would be if she wasn’t committed to a godly home. She makes sure they know how much I love them and that my time working is so they can have things they need and enjoy. “Thanks daddy for working so hard so we can eat out,” she might say. I never need the thanks, but she deserves so much thanks for teaching them to love and respect me as their dad. I hope I do the same for her as their mom.

To my wife, for all the ways she makes me better and helps me grow. I love you more than you’ll ever know!


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