Letter to Senator Bob Corker on Planned Parenthood Abetting Sex Traffickers

Senator Corker,

As a Tennessean, a social worker, and a minister, I have made myself aware of the impact human trafficking has had on young people in our state. As a husband and father, I am saddened and sickened at the thought of victims, primarily women, boys and girls, who are brutalized, taken away from those they love, or in some cases, victimized by those who should be caring for them.

As the President of the Madison County Right To Life chapter, I ask that you take this opportunity to speak out on behalf of unborn life, specifically the unborn babies who are conceived in rape and forced prostitution of human trafficking victims. Abortion facilities, Planned Parenthood among the largest of them, are obligated by law to report cases of suspected child sexual abuse or sex trafficking, as any mandated reporter would. This is not happening. Suspicions and substantiated instances in which Planned Parenthood did not report suspected rape and trafficking are many, and go back several years.

In the interest of ending human trafficking, sex slavery in particular, as well as in the interest of the majority of your constituents who support limiting and ending abortion, I ask you to become instrumental in calling for the Senate counterpart Bill to the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act (H.R. 7) that was passed in the Congress in January. Planned Parenthood’s willful abetting of sex slavery by destroying the human evidence of rape and refusing to report suspected trafficking cases to authorities should not be supported by tax dollars or funded by insurance plans that are approved under Obamacare. I also ask you to use your influence to call for investigations into Planned Parenthood. Investigations into wrongdoing, as well as regular compliance audits, should certainly be federally mandated for Planned Parenthood, which operates in many states.

In addition to all that you have already put in the works to end human slavery, please take these common sense steps to close a crucial gap that traffickers take advantage of in order to perpetuate their horrific crimes.


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