Let’s Run A Little Farther- A Conversation with my Wife

“Come on, let’s do 8.”


“Yeah, we’ve already run 7.5.”

This was the conversation as we neared the end of our long run in the rain on Sunday evening. I was taken aback a little bit at her wanting to squeeze out another half-mile. It was the longest either of us had ever run continuously. But we ran on, passing the end of the driveway as it called for us to stop short, and finishing mile 8. Even though our legs felt like jello, we felt confidence that we would be able to run the half-marathon coming up in a couple of short months.

On the drive home, we began talking about what the call of God is for us right now. “I’m not sure it was God’s will to plant a church in downtown. I thought it was, but now I don’t know; I feel like I have no clue what He wants us to do.”

Her response was, 1) “I’ve been praying about that,” and 2) “I think we’re doing what we need to be doing.” My fears that our ministry is insufficient melted. Just like when she said, “Let’s run a little farther,” I felt an assurance and a push to keep on going.

I’m thankful for a partner to run the race with, a godly wife that is there for me, as I try to be there for her.


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