On the Occasion of Netanyahu’s Speech- Israel has a Right to Self-Defense

I’m studying in the topic of national sovereignty, and while I don’t have all of the know,edge I want on the topic yet, I’m confident enough to say this- Israel has the right to protect herself.

The UN has talked a big talk about the sovereignty of nations not being absolute in cases where genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing are incited or are occuring. They say a nation cannot hide behind sovereignty if it is not attempting to stop atrocities, but that the international community may intervene. Well what happens when the international community doesn’t intervene, and even actively incites, one nation’s desire and capability to destroy another nation? Such is the case with Iran toward Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is trying to do what no one else is willing to do for Israel, not even her closest allies. He is working to protect his people from a nuclear holocaust that Iran has stated as its desire since the Islamic revolution of 1979. Within my lifetime, the world has gone from nuclear nonproliferation to “What’s the issue with a hostile world power having nukes (or at least the capability to produce them)?” And the prevailing sentiment all seems to hinge on who the potential target is. Since now it is Israel, it seems to be just fine. And for all the words of the current US Administration, their actions seem to be in defense of those who are anti-Semitic and Islamist.

TV shows and movies have always produced drama and action around rogue states obtaining nuclear weapons, smuggling them into a nation, usually the US, and detonating them, killing millions of people. In reality, nuclear destruction is more likely to come at the hands of a nation protected, or at least excused, by the international community and the US, that has developed nuclear capability and can simply launch a nuclear device right into another nation’s borders. All of this in spite of explicit threats to do so.

I pray for the nation of Israel today. I believe God is still with Israel and will protect them. I also fear God will punish those who perpetrate or allow destruction upon the Jewish people. The nation of Israel is a protective mechanism for a culture and a people, and to that end, God will bless Netanyahu’s nation and government.


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