We Need to Stop Working Off of False Premises in Government- We Can Start With Healthcare

(A few tweets that make my point, highlighting the madness of this false premise.)

UPDATED WITH TWEETS AND LINK TO THIS ARTICLE: This National Review article from today by Gov. Bobby Jindal is a strong warning to Conservative Republicans (or those who claim to be) of the folly and fall out for the American people if they attempt to reinstate the subsides in some way.

It is a false premise that federal or state governments must be in the insurance business in order to insure more uninsured people. Yet Republicans are buying into the socialized healthcare system that has been thrown on us by Obamacare. It is discouraging in my home state of Tennessee that efforts to improve the health insurance system are following the federal line laid out by Obama and Democrats in Congress.

Does anyone remember how many were insured, but lost their coverage when federal mandates turned perfectly good coverage into “junk plans,” that the President’s “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” pledge fell flat, and that people who were perfectly satisfied with, some actually reliant on, their doctors were unable to continue seeing that doctor due to losing their coverage? Why do we not want to defeat such a system and bring some free market plans to the table?

Someone in the Tennessee legislature who claims to be a free market, free enterprise supporter needs to explain to me how it makes sense to play into the false premise that everyone is working off of regarding government healthcare.


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