Uncommon Commotion Over a Common Provision- Absurd Pro-Abortion Argument in the Debate Over the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act

We as pro-life, conservative citizens have relied too heavily on the effect of a little-discussed but often crucial piece of wording that has kept abortions from being funded by taxpayer dollars since the 70’s.

The Hyde Amendment was first utilized in 1976. It has gone through several iterations. What is at issue however is that the Hyde Amendment, when attached to annual appropriations bills, prohibits federal taxpayer funding of abortion. Related to Medicaid, federal dollars can pay for abortion under circumstances of rape, incest, or maternal health endangerment. States may choose to fund abortion with the state-funded portion of Medicaid, but most do not. Of the 17 states that do fund abortions, 13 do so under a court order.

The Hyde Amendment has inspired budget riders that have prohibited abortion funding for other federal programs. So it isn’t unusual or unprecedented for Hyde Amendment language to be in a bill that involves money and potential funding of abortion, like in the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act that is being highjacked by pro-abortion democrats. Of course, these democrats, as well as the media, are touting Hyde Amendment language in this bill as controversial and outrageous. Even though the language has been in the bill since it was introduced in January, and passed through committee on a bipartisan basis, now it is being held up by a filibuster in the Senate. A deadlock is now in progress, as Senator McConnell has refused to bring Loretta Lynch up for confirmation as Attorney General until the trafficking bill is allowed to come to a vote.

My big purpose in writing this post is this- whether due to being reduced to a weak minority, or due to perceived pubic support for such obstruction, or due to definite big-money organization support of such obstruction (by Planned Parenthood), the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to see that abortion is paid for by service providers utilizing public monies from the Domestic Trafficking Victims Fund. More broadly than this, the Hyde Amendment is in danger even when applied to the annual appropriations bill, if Democrats continue this push to kill more babies and our supposed pro-life leadership in Congress allows it.

Federal tax dollars, our federal income tax dollars, are not forever-and-always prohibited from being used to fund abortions. It is a constant fight, year by year, to make sure these dollars do not fund the death of innocent children. If the battle of the Justice for Trafficking Victims Act is any indication it is going to get harder and harder to keep winning those battles.

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