One of the Most Crucial Things the Church Must Get Right

We had a powerful move of God tonight in revival Saturday night. We started last Sunday, picked up again on Friday night and will concluded today. Last night, however, what stood out was a wave of prayer that broke out among our teenage girls in the church. It started with one, then spread as adults with a burden reached out to lay hands on and pray over several of them. I couldn’t help but have such a burden for these girls, praying for them and watching as others prayed as well. I felt God say to me something that I believe is one crucial thing the church must get right. I am blessed with godly women in my life. I was raised by one, and because of my mother’s prayers I am living for the Lord today. I married a woman who is my spiritual partner and who I have faith in to teach and exemplify the Christian virtues and convictions for my children that are lacking in too many homes today. My mother-in-law has always been a prayer warrior for my family, but lately she has been a crusader and a prophetic voice in my life as I have dealt with an illness that I desperately want to be healed of. This is my experience with godly women, how I personally know the significance of godly women. There are many others, I could go on and on. But to the point I’m here to make- the most crucial thing the church must get right is to keep these young ladies living for God. Because if this generation gets to my wife’s age, my mother’s age, my mother-in-law’s age, and are no longer living full-throttle for Jesus Christ, then we are lost. If they aren’t prayer warriors, and godly mother’s, and workers in the church as adults, then we’ve wasted such an opportunity and done a great detriment to the work of God. The world makes it such a challenge for our girls today. There is such an identity crisis as they see what the world thinks they should be and they hear what God says should be. We have to make it tangible for them, the image of a godly Spirit-filled woman, and make the benefits and significance of that real to them. This is a burden on the women of the church, and also the men of the church. When men are real godly men, and women are true godly women, our young people, young women especially, have true guides that will help them find themselves in Christ. Accept this as a challenge. Have a burden for our youth, especially our young ladies. Pray over them, accept them, encourage them, and instruct them. Understand what I’ve come to understand, that if we don’t do this, as a church, we have lost.


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