The Future of the US According to Obama- Support our State Governments as the Last Line of Defense

President Obama is in Panama at the Summit of the Americas, where he shook hands and met with Raul Castro, even as the US goes forward with “normalizing” diplomacy with the nation after 50 years. How alarming that we would take these steps in spite of the fact that nothing has changed in Cuba in 50 years, and people still risk, and lose, life and limb to get out of that country and put just one foot on dry, US land.

It is much the same with Iran, as the mullahs expect all of the sanctions they have been slapped with to be dropped once the nuke deal is signed, even thought they hold Americans hostage still and maintain a horrendous human rights record. Their gays and women don’t apparently matter to the militant “LGBT” and feminism agenda over here.

All of this as information is revealed via the Mark Levin show, that the White House and representatives of every cabinet-level agency participate in a scheme to create a “country within a country” that will drive natural-born and naturalized citizens into the shadows so that “emerging immigrant communities” can be established in strategic parts of the nation.

Cuba, Iran, and various other countries believe that our country has serious problems that need to be fixed, mainly because our President, Secretary of State, and others have copped to abuses we are not guilty of, while working very hard to make sure these abuses actually materialize (When Castro alluded to freedom of the press issues in the US, I’m sure the Administration’s spying on the AP was top of mind.) And that is part of the plan for the President and other radicals like him, who don’t believe that America should be exceptional in any way, that we deserve to be in the same amount of danger from terrorist regimes as anyone else. These ideals persist in spite of the fact that all people yearning for freedom and equality try to make it to America at all cost, even as we have gone out into the world to aid freedom-loving people with blood, sweat, tears, life, limb, and treasure.

Beyond those thoughts, it also seems certain that the goal is to dissipate our strength and sovereignty as a nation so we can be absorbed into a One World government, currency, and religion. It has happened in Europe, is in progress in Africa, and may be a possibility in the Middle East as countries have bound together in common defense against ISIS. All of these regional unions of nations, even as the UN seeks to impose international will on sovereign nations via an International Criminal Court (the Palestinians are attempting to be recognized as a member state, in spite of having no real status as a state, so they can attack Israel in the international community, with international law.)

We need to really pray. But we also need to work in our states to strengthen governorships and seats in the legislature with pro-Constitution, freedom-loving, American-loving leadership. The states are the last line of defense against national tyranny. I’m thankful for Judge Hanon in Texas for putting a stop to and working to bring consequences against those who would continue the President’s pardon of illegal immigrants and for the 25 states who have taken this constitutional breach to court. We have to stand up and speak out on behalf of the nation our Lord has given us, that she may continue to be a haven for the weary, downtrodden, and oppressed, as well as the greatest producer of good across the globe.


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