Some Thoughts on Healthcare

In the news today, Florida is hitting back at the Federal Government for applying strong-arm tactics to force medicaid expansion under Obamacare.

Meanwhile, this article was published concerning how Alabama should’t expand Medicaid under Obamacare, with some really good reasons why.

Furthermore, in my home state of Tennessee, Insure TN, Gov. Haslam’s deal to bring the fed dollars in as a subsidy to buy insurance or as a special insurance plan for those making less than 138% of the poverty level, has failed to make it out of committee twice based on the fact that everyone knows that Obamacare is the reason for it:

In criticizing the debate over making the Bible the state book of Tennessee, Rep. Craig Fitzhugh said this:

If we are serious about emulating Christ, we’d be healing the sick instead of debating whether the state should buy into the federal government’s health insurance business.

In addition, Christ never preached that charity be mandated through taxes. The liberal painting of taxes and welfare being based on “WWJD” is a guilt trip and a misreading of Christ’s teachings.

And though Christ wasn’t concerned with bad policy, but we should be. Obamacare kicked thousands off of their previous insurance and forced them to buy at the exchanges. It has raised costs. It has caused doctors to be lost. And while everyone says they are debating “healthcare,” what they are really debating is how to pay for it. Which would be much simpler if healthcare was cheaper. Can we figure out a way to make that happen?


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