Freedom Fighters of Today Won’t Be Greeted With A Hero’s Welcome

I thought today about how honored and revered (for the most part) our remaining World War II vets are. Except for a stint a while back when the President wouldn’t let them visit their own memorials (which they promptly squashed), the vets of the Greatest Generation command and receive our highest respect.

I then thought about how the vets of our most recent wars haven’t had, and likely never will have, that same level of universal public respect. And I wondered why. But it did not take me long to figure out the answer to my question.

Our WWII vets served during a time of moral absolutes that caused our leadership and our citizenry to recognize evil and call it what it was, to its face. When war was determined necessary, the enemy was identified and victory was the only goal. Our men were authorized, empowered, and expected to destroy the enemy until none were left, if they did not surrender first.

Our vets who have served, been maimed, and died fighting in the Middle East have operated in a time of moral ambiguity, with no absolutes, with a vaguely identified objective aimed at a shadowy sense of an enemy. Our leadership has sympathized with the enemy, negotiated with them, and provided no fortitude to fight and win. As a result, we don’t have victors returning home; though they are victors in the hearts of most Americans, even we who love and appreciate the fighters can’t really tell what has been accomplished.

Well, we know for sure what has been lost- the gains of the past are all gone as the Middle East has been reclaimed by Muslim extremists who threaten, capture, and execute Christians, women, children, gays, and even other Muslims who do not agree to the fullest with the jihad.

Yes, today evil is called good and good is called evil. That is exactly why the Church of the Living God needs to be awake, attentive, and in action in the world today. If we don’t point out the evil that is called good and the good that is labeled evil, how will the lost and confused, rapidly dying world ever know the truth?

Stand up. Just don’t be prepared for a hero’s welcome.


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