Do the Thing God has Called You to Do

I’m going through a whole-life coaching program, offered to me by my employer. By whole-life, I mean that it is about life performance, not just job performance. I had my fourth meeting with my coach Pete yesterday morning.

I have determined that Pete and I are both Christians. Though he has not elaborated his particular beliefs, he has been very affirming of mine as I have talked about them so far. I told Pete in this session about conversations my wife and I have had about healing for my colitis, about the work we are doing for the Lord, and future plans we have together.

A big topic, probably the main one we will focus on in the rest of the ten weeks we have together, is my plan to write a book. The book will articulate my message to the world and earn me the opportunity to work for myself, helping other people live the 1st Century faith of the Bible in the 21st Century world we now live in. As I talked about all kinds of other things I’ve done or want to do, Pete helped me realize something very important that I want to pass on to you.

He said to me, “When I hear people say they make time for church once a week, that think they have the spiritual life all together, I doubt that. But when I hear you talk about prayer, and giving yourself to ministry outside the church, and bringing your heart for God to your class, and you and your wife talking about faith and healing, if that doesn’t say your spirituality is solid, then I don’t know what does.” I had not taken stock of myself like that before, and it was a huge boost to have all of these signs of vibrant faith reflected back to me.

That is not to say I have it all together, because I don’t. However, I do think that there are many of us who are giving our all for Jesus that do not realize how strong and vibrant our faith really is. And we need the opportunity to recognize what we are doing that is good and right and pleasing to God.

The next thing our coaching conversation turned to was that I know I have everything it takes to write the book I know is waiting to be written. I just have to do it. Confidence is the kicker, and my words and tone at times are laden with uncertainty. If I want the opportunity to help you get moving on living out your faith, I have to be busy living mine. And that has been where the conversation trails off, and I know it is crunch time.

Life coaching is not the same as spiritual mentoring or submitting to spiritual authority. In fact, coaching can be a completely secular endeavor. It isn’t necessarily right for someone who is not solid in their faith in Jesus Christ. But it is a really helpful thing for me right now. So I hope you will keep your eye on this blog for my progress on the book. I hope it will bring much motivation to believers who need help doing what God has called them to do in this life. I also hope that by completing it, I can be an example to you of what you are capable of.


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