[Book Excerpt] An Update On What I’ve Been Doing, Since I Haven’t Been Posting at the Blog Lately

Hey, I know I haven’t posted in a while. I’m sorry. I haven’t been lazy. I’ve just been writing other things.

You may have read this post earlier in the month. I know my brother did. He asked me if I was writing my book yet. I said that I was. He found out by reading the blog. I didn’t even know he read my blog…

I have been working on the book. I’ve also had a lot of other things on my mind. Pondering the will of God while trying to get closer to Him.

I’ve realized that writing a book in particular, and sharing a message in general, is an obstacle for me. It’s an obstacle in that, as long as I put it off, I can’t really move forward to do anything else. I see other things on the horizon, but I’m stuck where I am as long as this work goes undone. So I have to get to work. And I have been at work.

Having someone ask me about the book provided a sense of accountability. I don’t know what it meant to him, to find out that I have been working on it, or what it would have meant if I had not been working on it. I’m glad I was able to give an affirmative answer.

There are many of you that I know read this blog, but a good percentage you I probably know personally but have no idea that you’re checking out my material. I want to invite you to let me know that you’re reading, either by commenting or posting on social media.

And to give you something to post about, here is an excerpt from my very, very rough draft. I’m calling the book “Provoked: A Call To Extraordinary Good Works.” The excerpt is from a chapter on personal credibility:

Credibility is living in alignment with your values. It is “practicing what you preach.” It is doing more than paying lip service, it is backing up your claims with action.

There is “microcredibility,” where you make a promise and you either fulfill it or renege on it. Your choice increases or decreases your credibility. Then there is “macrocredibility.” Do people see your beliefs and actions aligning in everyday life? Or do others doubt that your values are really all that important to you?

The doubt that others have when your words and your actions don’t align is called dissonance. It isn’t that you’re trying to deceive people. Your not trying to be someone you aren’t. But something just doesn’t add up, and it is noticeable. You can feel the dissonance too, when you come to a place where you recognize the credibility gap between your beliefs and behaviors.

I’ve taught young people for years that “belief behaves.” Others will judge your beliefs by what they see you do, for better or for worse.

If you commit enough of the microcredibility trespasses, people will believe you aren’t as good as your word. They will believe that honesty and fulfilling obligations isn’t that important to you. Sure, we all make mistakes. We forget, get busy, have emergencies arise that prevent us from fulfilling obligations. At those times, credibility is more valuable than gold. Forgiveness comes easy and relationships stay intact when you are credible. But a pattern of not living up to the obligations you set leads to loss of credibility and broken relationships.

Every obligation you make is a standard of performance you set for yourself.

Yes, a standard you set for yourself. No one sets it for you. You choose. So choose wisely.

Let me know what you think! Do you recognize a credibility crisis in the world today? How does it play out? How is lack of credibility an obstacle to doing extraordinary good works?


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