The Denial of Decency and Common Sense (Some thoughts on the Charleston Mass Murder)

UPDATE: A tweet that expresses my assertion in the 5th paragraph.

One evil person with a certain motivation does not excuse other evil people with the same or differing motivations.

Yes, the police should be able to do their job and the process for justice should play out. That is not a racist position or a position of denial concerning the murderer’s motivation.

People need to get out of the habit of defending people and condemning people as a knee-jerk reaction (but the problem with the other side is they’ll accuse you either way. there’s only one right answer- immediate condemnation.) I’m not talking about the murder, who plainly deserves condemnation. I’m talking about the talkers on both sides of the political spectrum defending or destroying others who have an opinion and dare to express it.

Identity politics drove Sweet Cakes by Melissa out of business.
Identity politics drove Sweet Cakes by Melissa out of business.

And yes, it is political. See the news about the President and former first lady who have been fundraising off of this tragedy. “Never let a crisis go to waste,” right?

Official diagnoses aside, anyone who thinks he is justified in shooting innocent people has the same derangement as the people who think all people who look like him are to blame for it. Identity. Politics. [The government indulges in identity politics, too](

akery-same-sex-oregon-fined-wedding-cake/22771685/). No better than this guy that shot and murdered people because they were black Christians.

Comparing apples to oranges- This crime was clearly and act of racist murder. It was motivated by hate. I don’t know if it was terrorism or not (no known affiliation with an organization or evidence of acting directly or otherwise on behalf of an organization. Some people just want to kill.) The Mayor and police chief had little reason not to call this a horrible murder apparently motivated by hate, possibly motivated by ideology toward terrorism. It is not the same as the police-involved shootings (one that was blatantly a murder as revealed by cell phone video). We place a level of trust in our public servants that is warranted and crucial for civil peacekeeping and public safety. Officers warrant the benefit of this trust unless and until they break it, at which point they have no business serving the public. To not speculate on officer involved shootings is the right call (again, except in the case of one recent shooting which was clearly cold-blooded murder, and even that case was subject to due process.)

As to why prayer has been the response as opposed to rioting and unrest- the open-and-shut nature of the crime has something to do with why there has been no rioting. It has not stopped the politicization of the SC statehouse flying the Confederate battle flag, blaming of and calling for denunciation of the murders by all white people, or cries for more gun laws, n spite of the fact that the murderer broke existing gun laws in order to commit these murders.

But the only thing that can explain prayer is that, perhaps since this is a church that was shattered by these murders, the suvivors (I hate the word “victims”) know where to put their faith. I’ve seen criticism on Twitter that, because these are black people, they are told that they have to forgive the murderer. I think these people have the opportunity to forgive and they are taking it. I hope and believe that this tragedy will be the one that brings healing from the wounds inflicted by the past several incidents of racial violence and rioting.

If we’re all going to be held responsible for denouncing white racist mass murderers, let’s start with eugenics proponent Margaret Sanger. She’s responsible for ideology that has led to the death of millions. No gun required. Loved by our President and many others from his party and ideological respective:

image via
image via

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