5 Ways to Benefit Your Community

Whether it’s your home, church, town, county or state…

1). Be a contributor: produce a product, a home, a lifestyle, a set of ideals, that adds to those around you and makes the community a better place.

2). Take responsibility for you and yours: There are plenty of excuse makers. Don’t be one of them. Whether its buying more insurance, doing a home repair, addressing a mistake you’ve made, or saying “I’m sorry,” take responsibility.

3). Don’t quit when it would be easy to do so: Stick with it and try harder. Be an encourager through your words and actions. It’s often the moment you decide to quit that a breakthrough is about to happen.

4). Embrace “win/win or no deal”: Life is not about up-and-down votes. It’s ok to look at something that impacts your life or others’ lives and say, “I see no upside. I’m not going to be involved.” You’ll only do so if your values and ideals are strongly outlined and lived in your life.

5). Do your civic duty: Know what’s going on in your community. Vote. Advocate for important change or against negative change. Don’t be caught ignorant on any issue of importance (or at least try your hardest not to be.)

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