Will Your Faith Withstand a Mob? Part 2

Read Acts 7:48-60. Go.

We know little about his past but we know how Stephen behaved in the present presented at that point in time. And how the world responded to him.

How would the world respond to him today? Stephen has met his reward, so I think he would be ok with us putting him on trial again today. If it would strengthen the church’s resolve and stiffen the backs of the saints, I think Stephen would be alright with us dredging him into the present and asking the question, “How would today’s world respond to Stephen?” More importantly, “would the world respond differently to him today than they did back then?”

The following is from the book Good Faith by Kinneman and Lyons. It is full of Barna research like this. Note the high numbers of both US adults and US practicing Christians:

Is the the fate of the faith that was birthed 2,000 years ago under much worse conditions that these?
For devout people to be dubbed “extreme” because we follow the Word of God in the Old and New Testaments?
Is Christianity going to meet its final resting place at the hands of the mushy middle that has decided living by faith is extreme and they love to tell it on social media, discuss it with their similarly determined friends, and possibly, maybe even make disparaging comments to folks like you and me?

As time marches on and society waxes worse and worse, and the enemies of the faith move more boldly to stop people like us in schools, businesses, government halls, and even in our own homes, will the faith die with us?

If you don’t think the time is coming, I’ll see your doubt and raise you an Oregon baker who has been sued, not once, but now twice for refusing to give in and compromise his faith. Pardon the poker reference, but were gambling dangerously if we don’t think were at the point where living our faith I can very well incite the mob of this world today.

Is ancient faith for the modern world? How does that faith that was once delivered to the saints respond in times like these?


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