Fear and Loathing in Jackson-Madison County

I’m afraid some sore folks are stiring up unnecessary strife concerning our school system. Don’t get sucked into the fear and loathing.

I have listened to Keith Sherley and Steve Beverly comment on the agenda for the upcoming combined school board work session/meeting on October 4th. There are agenda items that are unfamiliar to those who are keeping up with Dr. Jones’ 10 year plan, at least as I have heard it thus far. If certain people have issues with those agenda items, that’s fine.

Where I am lost is on the allegations of some kind of breach of ethics or law. The first photo below is a snapshot from the agenda for next week’s meetings. The second 2 are from a past school board meeting agenda/minutes. The wording is the same for each “recommended motion,” followed by the actual motion once it was made in the meeting. Also, each item has someone’s name under it who is presenting that item. How do agenda items get on the agenda? I don’t know exactly. And what does Dr. Jones think about these items? Don’t know that either. I haven’t seen or heard comment from him.

But if you, like Steve Beverly, say you have never seen a “recommended motion” on an agenda, and you’re taking it as signs of foul play, you probably have never looked at a school board agenda before. Since the only commentary being offered is from the media, and not hired or elected officials (at least none who can give any facts), I would do some research and withhold judgment. That said, I too hope we can fill up the board room every time a meeting is held.


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