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Pro-life: I Don’t Think That Means What You Think It Means…

My wife and I are pro-life to the core. It started with our intentional decision to hold sex until marriage, then to marry and have children that we would love and raise into adulthood, in the fear and admonition of the Lord. It extended to prayers for those considering abortion, and donations to our local crisis pregnancy center, Birth Choice in Jackson, TN.
One day in late July or early August 2013, Julie said, “We need to see how we can be more involved in pro-life work.” So I sent an email to the info email address for Tennessee Right To Life, which led to a meeting in very short order, followed by us dedicating the next year and 2 months to campaigning for pro-life Amendment 1. This state constitution amendment, which took 11 years to be approved for referendum and 3 additional years to appear on the ballot, erased a “right to abortion” that had been unilaterally decided by the Tennessee Supreme Court in 2000.
The amendment passed, and our State’s children and families are safer for it.
We Conservatives are often mischaracterized as being pro-birth, not pro-life. The reason for that is that we do not support big government initiatives that tank the economy, reduce wages, and promote dependence. Some of my earliest memories are of going with my mother to nursing homes and ministering to our elders on a monthly, sometimes weekly, basis. I learned to respect them and value their lives. I grew to join the ministry and become a counselor to at-risk young people. I counsel suicidal youth, many with severe mental health problems. Their lives matter, every last one of them.
The things government does, particularly at the state and local levels, have real-world impact on how families are able to provide for themselves. Declaring everyone “covered” at great cost to consumers and insurance companies does not mean payment will be made when you go to the doctor. I know people who found that out the hard way. My parents have changed insurers 3 times, and the out-of-paycheck amount for my group policy at work has gone up drastically. This impacts the lives of adults and children.
The price of gas and groceries impacts life on a daily basis, and both are about to go up in Tennessee, thanks to a fuel tax increase. They say it’s a net tax decrease, but it isn’t. We have been consigned to hardship, the likes of which we won’t fully know for a while, to make a slush fund a lot more slushy for politicians and special interests.
I believe with all my being that a person should not be discriminated against and marked for annihilation based on his or her age, development, location, or level of dependence on others. That’s what abortion does. I believe that people should have the freedom to secure their liberty and pursue happiness to the fullest extent, with minimum interference, in the greatest land on Earth. This is a place where charity and opportunity abound, where one may mess up, try again, and succeed. That is the Conservative viewpoint: cradle to grave, everyone should have opportunity, no one should have their rights infringed.
This land, however, also is now a land in which entitlement is out the roof and respect for the law and for others has tanked.
Allow me to ask- how is it that, especially in Tennessee, we have so many pro-birth elected employees, but so few who are actually pro-life? They want to make it harder to protect our homes, earn our livings, run our businesses, have vital services like healthcare, and drive up the costs of education, while claiming to be pro-life. I don’t think so. I know we can do better; I pray that we do.


Societal Death By Thousands of Cuts

(photo via Twitter @UN. Love it that Chelsea is the vice chair of this project.)

The clear message of the hashtag #SOWF, the UN State of the World’s Father Conference, and this article is to say, “Men, get out of women’s way.” Stay home, barefooted, in the kitchen while women have a career.

The clear motive is power. And power has very little benefit for relationships. Thus, it isn’t families or relationships that are at issue here. It’s about the supremacy of one gender over the other, namely, the supremacy of women over men.

The point of it all is to set one sex in a relationship against the other, to make it women vs. men (as if all women are the same while all men are neanderthals), rather respect individual differences and rally for couples doing what works. And the lies that make the rift possible are presented by complicit, smiling female partners who REALLY just want you (dad) to know and respect what makes them happy, while feeling supported and cheered on to be the best dad you can be. Because nobody knows being a dad like a mother. Actually, mothers, at least the representative sample of mum readers that frequent the particular website cited in the linked article above, know what they want and expect men to give it to them.

(There’s a lot more to be said about this here, and I’m not finished; however, I want to get out this last point in particular, so I will take up this topic again later.)

To top it all off, I can’t take seriously any movement that states as its goal “men’s contribution to parenting and caregiving” that is sponsored by Planned Parenthood. What I know, based solely on Planned Parenthood’s involvement, is that the quest for “gender equality” exists only to the extent that boys and girls alike are equally devastated by abortion. I also know that, outside of the context of the “first ever global report on the state of men participating in child-rearing,” the position Planned Parenthood takes is “men have no say over what a woman does with her body (PP’s “shut up” is now followed by, “and make me a sandwich!”) I can’t pay attention to the calls for “female empowerment” over the screams of lost female lives that will never have a chance because they were victims of abortion. And I can’t respect women calling for female superiority when they denigrate themselves by supporting the destruction of female lives by abortion. Women supporting abortion as female empowerment is societal death by thousands of cuts, each one snuffing out a life that never stood a chance.

The Cultural Injustice of Death on Demand

The disregard for human life in this day and age is breath-taking. It seems that a generation has come that feels there’s honor in controlling the circumstances of death and power in controlling the death of others. I’m referring to the increasing rise and acceptance of euthanasia, which is the younger sister of the much more mature practice of abortion. The culture has embraced death on demand.

Euthanasia and abortion doctors are a special kind of parasites, profiting from taking life from the most vulnerable in society at their most desperate point in life. And it seems that they get to make the decisions about who lives and dies with no third-party, disinterested decision-maker involved. Consider that in Tennessee, from 2000 until now, there has been no requirement for a doctor to provide for informed consent from women seeking abortions. No explanation necessary, according to the law. According to this article in the New Yorker, in Belgium, a death doc carried out euthanasia with no contact made to living family members, and no apparent opinion gained outside of his impression of his victim.

Europe has been the cultural hotbed of such liberal, humanistic, “enlightened” policies, under the guise of “the patient knows best,” and, “Who am I to decide for another person, how they should live or die?” Thus, there it is simply a matter of choice. Like abortion here in the US. One option among many. But which option do the death docs profit from? Which option are they most likely to promote?

It has just gotten to the point where anything resembling authority outside of self is completely rejected. And power over death is the ultimate self-empowerment. Too bad that it is a power reserved for God alone, the One whose Lordship is most spurned today. But is it really self-empowerment when there is such potential for deception and coercion from someone who is going to profit from your death? Is it really autonomy if the options for happiness and fulfillment apart from dying are covered up?

Sympathizing with the desire to die, while understandable as a human emotion, really should have no place in making medical and psychiatric decisions. On that note, as a mental health professional, playing into one’s desire to die is cruel and antithetical to the purpose of improving mental health. Life-long depression as a reason for euthanasia? The potential for psychiatric distress due to having a baby as a reason for abortion?

We have to live our lives and speak truth in such a way that others want to take part in what we have and to understand what makes us who we are.

In decades past, I would feel safe saying that a majority of people in the US would think these sentiments are ludicrous, but today, I’m not so sure. There is some comfort in knowing that, according to Gallup, 51% of Americans feel that abortion should only be legal in certain circumstances, and of that number, 36% believe it should be legal only in few circumstances. While only 19% believe abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, 44% of the sample asked considers themselves pro-life.

It is pitiful that we even need to measure such statistics, but the reason we do is because death on demand was accepted by the culture, then the government, long ago. I hope we never get to the point where these questions have to be asked about euthanasia, the way we have to ask them about abortion. If we the people aren’t careful, we will let the culture get away from us again. Merchants of death, by reason of the lies they tell, somehow are able to turn their consumers into the biggest cheerleaders for the goods they sell.

So we have to live our lives and speak truth in such a way that others want to take part in what we have and to understand what makes us who we are. We pro-life folks haven’t escaped tragedy and hardship our entire lives, but we have understood through suffering that life is worth living and worth fighting for. Can we pass that on to someone else today?

Letter to Senator Bob Corker on Planned Parenthood Abetting Sex Traffickers

Senator Corker,

As a Tennessean, a social worker, and a minister, I have made myself aware of the impact human trafficking has had on young people in our state. As a husband and father, I am saddened and sickened at the thought of victims, primarily women, boys and girls, who are brutalized, taken away from those they love, or in some cases, victimized by those who should be caring for them.

As the President of the Madison County Right To Life chapter, I ask that you take this opportunity to speak out on behalf of unborn life, specifically the unborn babies who are conceived in rape and forced prostitution of human trafficking victims. Abortion facilities, Planned Parenthood among the largest of them, are obligated by law to report cases of suspected child sexual abuse or sex trafficking, as any mandated reporter would. This is not happening. Suspicions and substantiated instances in which Planned Parenthood did not report suspected rape and trafficking are many, and go back several years.

In the interest of ending human trafficking, sex slavery in particular, as well as in the interest of the majority of your constituents who support limiting and ending abortion, I ask you to become instrumental in calling for the Senate counterpart Bill to the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act (H.R. 7) that was passed in the Congress in January. Planned Parenthood’s willful abetting of sex slavery by destroying the human evidence of rape and refusing to report suspected trafficking cases to authorities should not be supported by tax dollars or funded by insurance plans that are approved under Obamacare. I also ask you to use your influence to call for investigations into Planned Parenthood. Investigations into wrongdoing, as well as regular compliance audits, should certainly be federally mandated for Planned Parenthood, which operates in many states.

In addition to all that you have already put in the works to end human slavery, please take these common sense steps to close a crucial gap that traffickers take advantage of in order to perpetuate their horrific crimes.

The Truth About Campus Rape Statistics Undercuts the Abortion Industry

We need more moral decency and less faux moral outrage. Lack of individual moral decency = lack of effective, credible institutions that do what they are supposed to do (like educate kids)+ destruction of the rights of the accused via bloated government and her activists.

I’ve written about the indecency in the aftermath of the UVa false rape allegations, among which was the lack of an apology to the suspended fraternity, claiming that the rape story struck a necessary chord (in spite of the falsehood embodied in it), and the resulting lessening of due process for the accused on college campuses.

Reporting bloated rape figures hurt true victims of sexual assault, though activists hope for the crisis because of the awareness and funding such a crisis would bring. Consider the UVa presidents comment on how the debunked Rolling Stone story “resonated with people simply because it confirmed their darkest suspicions about universities.”

But think about this- the false “1 in 5 women sexually assaulted on college campus” figure also would seem to substantiate the need for broader access to abortion services. The outcry that rises over even the most fundamental legal protections is always that women should have no infringement on their ability to receive abortion services. In Tennessee, abortion was a “fundamental right” until the successful passage of Amendment 1 in November 2014. And now that legal protections are being reintroduced, the liberal, abortionist “fear” is the women who “need” abortion won’t be able to get it.

If so many women are being raped and sexually assaulted, particularly college women who have a bright future ahead of them, then there would most definitely be an increased need for abortion services for those who become pregnant by rape, right?

And so, ulterior motives abound for appealing to the public’s sense of alarm by reporting that 20% of college women are sexually assaulted. In addition to pulling the rug out from under the abortion industry regarding the false campus rape and assault statistic, I want to further damage the movement by declaring that life is precious, from the womb and throughout the lifespan, regardless of the particular circumstances of conception.

Make no mistake- to a decent and moral person, the lower-than-reported rape statistic is a relief. To greedy moral degenerates, it would impact their bottom line, if people would get beyond the scare tactics and see reality.

The American Atrocity

I don’t compare the 57 million children who have died by abortion to any other atrocity that has occurred in the world. This figure doesn’t need to be compared with the Holocaust or 9/11 in order to be recognized as an atrocity, and those events don’t deserve to be detracted from by comparing them to anything else.

That being said, I have no problem saying that the 57 million children who have died from abortion since 1973 is the American atrocity. There will never be pograms, gulags, or concentration camps on US soil, but Americans have allowed 57 million deaths to occur on our soil by legalizing and sanctioning abortion.

Among the nations with the highest annual number of abortions, you will see names associated with many horrific acts throughout the last century. But America stands alone as a nation that has abortion as the last, worst blight on its national character. It’s a cancer we can’t seem to heal. Abortion is the American Atrocity.

The Pro-abortion Failure is a Matter of Privilege

*(A lot of privieged people. Photo by the author.)

Welcome to #prochoice logic:

If there is such a thing as privilege, then it is certainly a condition common among those who have experienced the opportunity to be born:

How do you get any more ludicrous than to think that a woman matters at 25, 15, 10, 5, or 1 years old, but not pre-birth? How is the pro-abortion logic not recognized for the delusion that it is: the obscene ability to justify killing a child for the sake of Lord Self?


I’ll leave you with her last line to contemplate. If anything, it should remind us of the ideology we’re up against. She concludes, “I would put the life of a mother over the life of a fetus every single time — even if I still need to acknowledge my conviction that the fetus is indeed a life. A life worth sacrificing.”

“Ideology” is completely correct. Pure ideological furor for the godship of self.

Pro-aborts who have been privileged with birth (are there any other kind?) are blinded to the point they cannot even see how they have used their privileged status to oppress- obliterate, to be precise- a whole category of person to the tune of an amount greater than the entire population of South Africa. According to the pro-abort advocate cited in the Lifenews article linked above, dividing and selectively obliterating entire segments of the population is just fine, because “all life is not equal.”

Putting the pro-abortion argument in its familiar social justice, liberal language shows the utter hypocrisy of their anti-life viewpoint. To use privilege to oppress or obliterate black people, or disabled people, or male people or female people would never, ever be ok. Except for when it is. More black babies are being killed than there are having the privilege of being born. Babies are aborted for being female around the world, and there is little to disprove that sex selective abortion happens in the US. I have heard more first-hand accounts of doctors encouraging abortion for children that were expected to have Downs syndrome or some other chronic condition than I care to count. Thankfully the majority of those stories end with, “But I chose life, and all these years later, my son/daughter is perfectly fine.” The origin of these paths to destruction of entire segments of the population being rooted in other delusional, racist, supremacy-driven, control-mongering philosophies (odes to Self) is well-documented, but won’t be recognized by the pro-abortion contingent.

I’ll leave you with a reminder:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (‭Ephesians‬ ‭6‬:‭12‬ KJV)