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The Future of the US According to Obama- Support our State Governments as the Last Line of Defense

President Obama is in Panama at the Summit of the Americas, where he shook hands and met with Raul Castro, even as the US goes forward with “normalizing” diplomacy with the nation after 50 years. How alarming that we would take these steps in spite of the fact that nothing has changed in Cuba in 50 years, and people still risk, and lose, life and limb to get out of that country and put just one foot on dry, US land.

It is much the same with Iran, as the mullahs expect all of the sanctions they have been slapped with to be dropped once the nuke deal is signed, even thought they hold Americans hostage still and maintain a horrendous human rights record. Their gays and women don’t apparently matter to the militant “LGBT” and feminism agenda over here.

All of this as information is revealed via the Mark Levin show, that the White House and representatives of every cabinet-level agency participate in a scheme to create a “country within a country” that will drive natural-born and naturalized citizens into the shadows so that “emerging immigrant communities” can be established in strategic parts of the nation.

Cuba, Iran, and various other countries believe that our country has serious problems that need to be fixed, mainly because our President, Secretary of State, and others have copped to abuses we are not guilty of, while working very hard to make sure these abuses actually materialize (When Castro alluded to freedom of the press issues in the US, I’m sure the Administration’s spying on the AP was top of mind.) And that is part of the plan for the President and other radicals like him, who don’t believe that America should be exceptional in any way, that we deserve to be in the same amount of danger from terrorist regimes as anyone else. These ideals persist in spite of the fact that all people yearning for freedom and equality try to make it to America at all cost, even as we have gone out into the world to aid freedom-loving people with blood, sweat, tears, life, limb, and treasure.

Beyond those thoughts, it also seems certain that the goal is to dissipate our strength and sovereignty as a nation so we can be absorbed into a One World government, currency, and religion. It has happened in Europe, is in progress in Africa, and may be a possibility in the Middle East as countries have bound together in common defense against ISIS. All of these regional unions of nations, even as the UN seeks to impose international will on sovereign nations via an International Criminal Court (the Palestinians are attempting to be recognized as a member state, in spite of having no real status as a state, so they can attack Israel in the international community, with international law.)

We need to really pray. But we also need to work in our states to strengthen governorships and seats in the legislature with pro-Constitution, freedom-loving, American-loving leadership. The states are the last line of defense against national tyranny. I’m thankful for Judge Hanon in Texas for putting a stop to and working to bring consequences against those who would continue the President’s pardon of illegal immigrants and for the 25 states who have taken this constitutional breach to court. We have to stand up and speak out on behalf of the nation our Lord has given us, that she may continue to be a haven for the weary, downtrodden, and oppressed, as well as the greatest producer of good across the globe.


Christ is Risen- Will We Rise Too?

There is a clarion call for divine intervention through the Church of the Living God.

A few weeks ago, Kay Coles James of the Gloucester Institute told hundreds of pro-life advocates in Tennessee that the biggest challenge we have today is to get our children involved in the work of the kingdom through active participation in public life. She told me personally at our One Night fundraising event in June last year that the biggest obstacle we have is to mobilize the church to the ballot box.

Two weeks ago, Dr. John Hammond, a physician who once performed abortions, since giving his life to Christ and rejecting abortion for the savagery that it is, told our Right To Life chapter that if we want to change laws, we really must change hearts. We must not be afraid to engage people one-on-one on the issue of life.

Senator Rand Paul recently spoke to a group of pastors, stating that the 1st Amendment does not say take religion out of government, but it does say the government is to stay out of religion. He encouraged these pastors to be involved in the public square, particularly at this time when it seems that religious freedom is being suppressed at unprecedented levels.

The need is real, and it is imminent. The people of God must speak up and speak out. We must be vocal and unashamed.

Is it really a matter of faith, what happens in our world, in government, in society, in our communities? If you could ask Christians being persecuted in the Middle East, who are watching their loved ones being killed; who are waiting for the moment that their time comes to face execution- do you think it would matter to them whether or not we fight for religious freedom, whether or not we live by our conscience, whether or not we use this God-given, Constitutionally-enshrined right to gather together and to speak out? If they had the chance to do so in their homeland, would they?

I believe the answer is, “Yes! It matters!” Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, founder of Voice of the Martyrs and a prisoner in Russian Communist prisons for 14 years, said these words:

America is the last hope of millions of enslaved peoples. They look to it as their second fatherland. In it lies their hopes and prayers. I have seen fellow-prisoners in communist prisons beaten, tortured, with 50 pounds of chains on their legs- praying for America… that the dike will not crumple; that it will remain free.

I called into a local talk radio station when Ivy Scarborough, an attorney and author, was the guest, talking about the threat of radical Islam. I asked him what can we do in West Tennessee to ensure that our community and our Christian way of life remains safe? He stated that the best thing we can do is to continue to live up to our American and our Christian ideals, and promote these ideals in our community, our state, and our nation.

There is real danger in what I am proposing here. No, we have not experienced the persecution Pastor Wurmbrand, Pastor Saeed Abedini, or countless Middle Eastern Christians face on a daily basis. There will be consequences if we keep silent, however. Christians are losing their businesses, being levied big fines for following their conscience. Instead of linking one story, just take a look at the screenshot, and search for yourself:


This is not supposed to happen in America. That statement is not a whine about “how the times are a’changin.” It is a call to stand up for what America was founded on- freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, freedom of expression, and freedom to participate in the process of governance.

Will we be found guiltless if we do nothing in the face of building oppression? What if we remain silent while millions of more babies die due to abortion? Will their be respite if we don’t sound an alarm, while we have the freedom to do so with little (though growing) chance of being persecuted?

Is the Gospel really at stake in the midst of these “social issues”? If you believe that sharing the Gospel means speaking the truth in love, then yes, spreading the Gospel is at stake in the midst of these issues. Christ rose in order to call us to higher things. We must rise, too. He arose long ago. Now we have to rise to the occassion in the power of the Holy Ghost.

One of the Most Crucial Things the Church Must Get Right

We had a powerful move of God tonight in revival Saturday night. We started last Sunday, picked up again on Friday night and will concluded today. Last night, however, what stood out was a wave of prayer that broke out among our teenage girls in the church. It started with one, then spread as adults with a burden reached out to lay hands on and pray over several of them. I couldn’t help but have such a burden for these girls, praying for them and watching as others prayed as well. I felt God say to me something that I believe is one crucial thing the church must get right. I am blessed with godly women in my life. I was raised by one, and because of my mother’s prayers I am living for the Lord today. I married a woman who is my spiritual partner and who I have faith in to teach and exemplify the Christian virtues and convictions for my children that are lacking in too many homes today. My mother-in-law has always been a prayer warrior for my family, but lately she has been a crusader and a prophetic voice in my life as I have dealt with an illness that I desperately want to be healed of. This is my experience with godly women, how I personally know the significance of godly women. There are many others, I could go on and on. But to the point I’m here to make- the most crucial thing the church must get right is to keep these young ladies living for God. Because if this generation gets to my wife’s age, my mother’s age, my mother-in-law’s age, and are no longer living full-throttle for Jesus Christ, then we are lost. If they aren’t prayer warriors, and godly mother’s, and workers in the church as adults, then we’ve wasted such an opportunity and done a great detriment to the work of God. The world makes it such a challenge for our girls today. There is such an identity crisis as they see what the world thinks they should be and they hear what God says should be. We have to make it tangible for them, the image of a godly Spirit-filled woman, and make the benefits and significance of that real to them. This is a burden on the women of the church, and also the men of the church. When men are real godly men, and women are true godly women, our young people, young women especially, have true guides that will help them find themselves in Christ. Accept this as a challenge. Have a burden for our youth, especially our young ladies. Pray over them, accept them, encourage them, and instruct them. Understand what I’ve come to understand, that if we don’t do this, as a church, we have lost.

Provoked: A Call to Extraordinary Good Works

(Image via Twitter. An upside-down flag is a distress call. Orwell speaks for himself.)

I’m sending out a call. A call to extraordinary good works.

And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works… (Hebrews 10:24)

A provocateur of love and good works for the people of God is what I’m called to be.

Now, just what these good works will look like is getting harder and harder to say these days. Consider that people who live by their biblical morality are finding it more difficult to do so without intrusion. Good works might not look so good to people around us.

Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men. (Acts 5:29)

Because our first love is to the Lord Jesus Christ, we obey Him in all things. If we seek first His kingdom, and His righteousness, then all these other things will be added to us. We can’t attract sinners by making them feel good. Our kindness will prick their hearts, and our refusal to conform to the world will be an assault to them.

Who by the mouth of thy servant David hast said, Why did the heathen rage, and the people imagine vain things? The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together against the Lord, and against his Christ. (‭Acts‬ ‭4‬:‭25-26‬)

Our good will be evil spoken of, our love will be rejected. The heathen will rage.

Let us be sure that we are citizens of the heavenly kingdom, that needs no patriots to stand up for it, that is ruled by a righteous King and is in danger of no tyrant. Then let us work with all the power Christ has given us from heaven through His Holy Spirit within us, to knock aside every obstacle that would prevent the lost from coming to Him. His kingdom come, His will be done.

Jesus has won the war, but we can’t lose the battle. Lest you think I’m too political or earthly-minded as you read my exhortations, read how Jesus was in constant defiance of the political structure; John’s gospel in particular details many times the Pharisees sought to take Him, taking up rocks to stone Him, but He escaped. And how the apostles regularly testified of Christ before councils, declaring the gospel and exerting their conscience in the face of opposition and tribulation. And remember that Paul’s end-run mission was to go before Caesar in order to talk about Jesus. Paul exerted his right as a Roman citizen in order to do so.

Under an oppressive regime, our apostolic forefathers had no Congress or Legislature to appeal to for just laws. They did not have the right to vote for strong moral leadership. I’d like to think that if they had such rights and opportunities, they would have taken them in order to spread the gospel and obey their conscience in the Lord.

Make no mistake- the source of our rights and righteousness is not government, it is God.

For nearly 200 years in the history of the United States, our laws established justice based on the moral law of the Bible. Not simply because the Bibles said so, but because living by the Word of God works! People who murder innocent people should be tried and found guilty, then punished. As a pro-life man, I simply want out laws to condemn murder and our courts to try murder and convict those who are guilty. I’m not looking to government to legitimize life in the womb, God has already done that. I just call on our government to establish and enforce laws to reflect the fact that life is precious, intrinsically valuable, and worthy of protection.

Marriage needs no government to legitimize it. The Bible defines marriage as God established it- between one man and one woman. Our laws have recognized this for the majority of our history, because it is good for society. I call on our government to continue to do what is best for our society and continue to recognize the true definition of marriage in spite of the loud calls of a vocal minority.

These are but two of the issues we as Christians need to be beside ourselves about, to the point of speaking and acting out in every way possible. Endure the verbal attacks and name-calling. We won’t endure anything worse than what the apostles endured, certainly nothing worse than what Christ endured. Take the softball approach to winning souls? We don’t have time for that. We can stand for truth AND draw lost and vulnerable people to Jesus. Don’t think that it is impossible. Our stance may not be popular, but we stand for an enduring covenant that will not pass away, one to which all are called to take part.

The time has come for us to stand up for matters of righteousness that are at stake in the world today. If we the Church will not, who will? The crucial balance between pleasing God, reaching mankind, and enduring hardship, at such a time as this, is what makes for extraordinary good works in public life.

We Need to Stop Working Off of False Premises in Government- We Can Start With Healthcare

(A few tweets that make my point, highlighting the madness of this false premise.)

UPDATED WITH TWEETS AND LINK TO THIS ARTICLE: This National Review article from today by Gov. Bobby Jindal is a strong warning to Conservative Republicans (or those who claim to be) of the folly and fall out for the American people if they attempt to reinstate the subsides in some way.

It is a false premise that federal or state governments must be in the insurance business in order to insure more uninsured people. Yet Republicans are buying into the socialized healthcare system that has been thrown on us by Obamacare. It is discouraging in my home state of Tennessee that efforts to improve the health insurance system are following the federal line laid out by Obama and Democrats in Congress.

Does anyone remember how many were insured, but lost their coverage when federal mandates turned perfectly good coverage into “junk plans,” that the President’s “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” pledge fell flat, and that people who were perfectly satisfied with, some actually reliant on, their doctors were unable to continue seeing that doctor due to losing their coverage? Why do we not want to defeat such a system and bring some free market plans to the table?

Someone in the Tennessee legislature who claims to be a free market, free enterprise supporter needs to explain to me how it makes sense to play into the false premise that everyone is working off of regarding government healthcare.

Letter to Senator Bob Corker on Planned Parenthood Abetting Sex Traffickers

Senator Corker,

As a Tennessean, a social worker, and a minister, I have made myself aware of the impact human trafficking has had on young people in our state. As a husband and father, I am saddened and sickened at the thought of victims, primarily women, boys and girls, who are brutalized, taken away from those they love, or in some cases, victimized by those who should be caring for them.

As the President of the Madison County Right To Life chapter, I ask that you take this opportunity to speak out on behalf of unborn life, specifically the unborn babies who are conceived in rape and forced prostitution of human trafficking victims. Abortion facilities, Planned Parenthood among the largest of them, are obligated by law to report cases of suspected child sexual abuse or sex trafficking, as any mandated reporter would. This is not happening. Suspicions and substantiated instances in which Planned Parenthood did not report suspected rape and trafficking are many, and go back several years.

In the interest of ending human trafficking, sex slavery in particular, as well as in the interest of the majority of your constituents who support limiting and ending abortion, I ask you to become instrumental in calling for the Senate counterpart Bill to the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act (H.R. 7) that was passed in the Congress in January. Planned Parenthood’s willful abetting of sex slavery by destroying the human evidence of rape and refusing to report suspected trafficking cases to authorities should not be supported by tax dollars or funded by insurance plans that are approved under Obamacare. I also ask you to use your influence to call for investigations into Planned Parenthood. Investigations into wrongdoing, as well as regular compliance audits, should certainly be federally mandated for Planned Parenthood, which operates in many states.

In addition to all that you have already put in the works to end human slavery, please take these common sense steps to close a crucial gap that traffickers take advantage of in order to perpetuate their horrific crimes.

Lack of Moral Leadership and Resolve in U.S. Response to Terrorism Rooted in Denial of Absolute Truth and Decency

List of Coptic Christians murdered by ISIS, via @drmoore.
List of Coptic Christians murdered by ISIS, via @drmoore.

I’m sick to my stomach over the latest terror acts in Europe and Libya. I’m almost as sick about the stupidity of my Nation’s government’s refusal to do anything more about it than to offer condolences.

In the White House Press Secretary’s statement released concerning the murder of 21 Coptic Christians by ISIS, it states:

ISIL’s barbarity knows no bounds. It is unconstrained by faith, sect, or ethnicity.

I can’t find a shred of truth in this statement. There are some common characteristics that have been shared by victims of ISIS’ barbarity in these terrorist murders: they were Jewish, they were Christian, and/or they supported and dared to exercise Western ideals such as freedom of speech and expression. Kidnapped journalists and aid workers who represented the West have been murdered on video in an effort to strike such fear into our hearts that we will give them what they want. And groups of various size have been attacked in acts of mass slaughter, based exactly on their religion and ethnicity.

Granted, Muslim people in these countries have been victims of unspeakable horrors as well, horrors inflicted by the adherence to Sharia, on those who are guilty unless proven innocent of infractions we can’t even fathom in our part of the world.

But this is nothing new, and it is something that the majority of the world has ignored in the past and in the present, as Islamic violence escalates in the vacuum of strong, moral leadership.

Once upon a time, the shear inhumanity and barbarity of these acts would have mobilized the U.S. to action. A once innate sense of justice and decency would have propelled us to do something definitive as a friend to freedom-loving and freedom-supporting peoples everywhere. Once upon a time, America’s rich heritage of being a haven for Christians and Jews (and countless other oppressed religious groups) fleeing oppression would have driven us to go to their aid in any part of the world they may be found. Being a sanctuary for oppressed religious groups is how we came to exist in the first place.

King Abdullah of Jordan’s actions after the execution of the Jordanian pilot, and President Sisi of Egypt’s promise to respond to the murder of Egypt’s Christian citizens, give me hope that sovereign nations of the world are willing to exercise their power and do the right thing on behalf of their citizens. France and Denmark have spoken definitively that the attacks on their citizens, most recently in Copenhagen against artists and Jews, were acts of terror. We have yet to see real action in Europe like we have started to see in the Middle East, but again I am hopeful.

Hope slowly fades as I consider my own country under the current political circumstances. The world government’s desire is to have independent governments submit to politically correct, multi-cultural and humanistic ideals of decency and justice, which are foreign to our Nation’s strong Judeo-Christian foundation on absolute truth. Our government has has seemingly fallen in line with the international worldview, refusing to acknowledge Islam as the source of this evil, declaring that we need to “empathize” and “respect” these people, and denying, as demonstrated above, that these coordinated acts of murderous terror are anything other than “wanton killing,” or “randomly shoot(ing) a bunch of folks.”

Worsening this trend by our leadership is the constant victim-blaming/shaming of the groups and individuals who are being persecuted and murdered in Europe and the Middle East. The White House took part in this “terrorshaming” by going on the record that Charlie Hebdo should not have published their cartoons against Mohammad. The President himself blamed Christians by referring back to the Crusades in his National Prayer Breakfast address (notice that “Crusaders” is part of the terminology of these terrorist in describing their Christian victims).

And the end of the Press Secretary’s statement (not the President’s statement) on the death of these Coptic Christians indicates more of the same, as the US continues to be subjugated to the amoral, humanistic world government:

We continue to strongly support the efforts of the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General Bernardino Leon to facilitate formation of a national unity government and help foster a political solution in Libya.

All talk, no action.

I don’t know what to do. I feel completely helpless to make any real difference against the rage of the heathen. I have prayed several times in the wake of all this that God would tell me what to do. And he has given me a first step.

I am going to pray and start a progressive fast for seven days for the state of our Nation, the state of the world, and the plight of terror victims across the globe. I have something forming in my Spirit that needs nurtured by this time of prayer and preparation. I know too many Christians who are sick of what they see happening in our world but have no clue what to do about it.

Prayer should be first and last in everything we do, but I know we have to be people of action. Like my brother said last week in Sunday service, “It would have been a lot different if the book of Acts had been called ‘The Thoughts of the Apostles,’ or ‘The Emotions of the Apostles.’ But it was called the Acts of the Apostles.” I desperately want to learn what to do so I can teach other believers what to do to make the biggest difference in the 21st century world we find ourselves in.

I ask you to pray as well, for me, that I would have the boldness to speak, and for the believers everywhere, those oppressed by outside forces of evil, and those who are made powerless by the enemy of our souls and need to be aroused to action. And I’ll pray for you as well.