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A Changing DadStory

Transitions are tough. And we have a lot of transitions going on right now around my house.
Here are a few of them I’ll share over the next few articles:

Growing kids
Changing jobs
Changing to homeschool
Challenging mindsets

I have always known and taught families about the differences that our children will have as they grow. But we are at a clear transition point with my two sons, ages 12 and 8, where their needs are obviously much different.

Keep in mind that so far in life they have been very blessed to not have had much grief, severe loss, or trauma. Any of these things and more make developmental changes more difficult and starker between children who otherwise have had the same experiences.

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My 12 year old homeschool child is at the stage where he is very happy on his own, with a book or YouTube videos about airplanes and flying. He still likes spending time with the rest of us but he isn’t seeking it out very much.

My 8 year old craves the attention. He has to have it, and he will act helpless if it means getting you to engage with him by being with him or doing something for him.

Tough, since I have been more distracted with transitioning jobs and trying to add to some of our family enterprises.

One needs me to take time to let him teach me how a WWII German fighter takes off. The other needs me to horseplay on the rug in the living room.

Taking stock is important. Life is constantly changing, while our children are continually growing and developing. Adapting to meet their needs at each stage of life is crucial.

What are some of the changes taking place in your family with your children? How do you think you need to adapt to meet their needs?