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How Is Your Vision?

“Victims succumb to “fate.” Victors create it. Not all goes their way, but they lament little, asking the QBQ (question behind the question), ‘How can I move forward?'”
(tweet from John G. Miller, @QBQguy, 7/10/12)

This tweet caught my attention as I considered a blog series on the victim vs. victor mentality. A person can not go forward without overcoming being a victim.

I have worked with people who have been victimized in terrible ways by uncaring and even malicious others. I have also worked with families who have gotten caught up in a sense of generational and perpetual victimization.
I do not minimize the suffering of anyone who has been mistreated physically or emotionally.
I only state that in order for anyone to go forward and take others forward with them, the victim must become a victor!

And so, with this simple premise laid out, keep reading as I pull from different sources and contexts to show that victimization can be overcome, survival can be embraced, and leading can occur that changes individuals and families for good!



God setteth the solitary in families:

God is mindful of the solitary. The alone and the lonely. God knows the ones in solitude and in distress, those who have chosen and those who have not. By design or default, He knows the singled-out, the set-aside, the stand-alone.

(KJV) he bringeth out those which are bound with chains:

God knows the bound. The captive and imprisoned. God knows the ones in fetters and chains, the complicit and the innocent. By trial or by plea, He sees the shakle-ridden, the tied-up, the locked-down.

but the rebellious dwell in a dry land.

God leads the humble. The tired and the thirsty. God knows those who seek companions, who long for freedom. Only by choice will He make you loved, filled, and free!

Based on Psalm 68:6, quotes are from the KJV.