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Gratitude on Father’s Day

I look back and realize my last few posts (here, here, and here) have been about very difficult topics and negative circumstances. The reason is, I can’t stand a lie, particularly a lie that threatens to lead multitudes astray. The narrative in our country has become so skewed away from God, His objective truth, and common decency that is sickens me. Whether 2 or 2,000 read my blog in a given day, I believe it is worth telling the truth to however many will read it.

However, what I witnessed today from my kids on Father’s Day has me extremely hopeful. We went out to eat with my dad, and had to wait for quite a while to be seated. My sons took it on themselves to open the doors for people entering and exiting the restaurant. They received so many complements for being gentlemen.

More importantly than that, we left the restaurant and went to the hospital to visit a lady who was a part of our church for years, who is terminally ill. As we pulled into the parking lot, my oldest son said, “Me and (his brother) are PRAYERamedics. We don’t use the machines to save people, we pray for them!” We were stunned by how clever he was to come up with that name.

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But it wan’t just him being clever. When we got to the room, my wife and I greeted the family that was present and made small talk. My oldest came to me and said, “Well, should we get to work?” I said, “Sure!” He knelt at a chair and started praying. Everyone in the packed, tiny room noticed. When he got up, I said, “In a minute, we’ll go over and pray with her.” He didn’t wait; he walked over to the lady’s bedside, put his hand on her and started praying. His little brother put his hand on her and started praying. My wife was sitting close and she started praying. I walked over to join them. Everyone started praying. I felt God, like a miracle was about to happen.

Me and (his brother) are PRAYERamedics. We don’t use the machines to save people, we pray for them!”

We saw no immediate change. But there was no denying the power of God was there. The lady’s adult children were there and they were comforted by the faith of two children. My wife and I witnessed fruit growing in our children’s lives. And even though my family had treated my like a king for Father’s Day, I was even more honored and humbled to see that all the investment we make as parents pays off dividends over and beyond what we can imagine.

I give credit and honor to my wife not only for being the parent that is home to care for our kids and our home, but also for instilling in them a love and appreciation for their father. They know that every time I leave the house for any period of time, I am doing it to support them because I love them, and also because I am doing work that is worthwhile. Knowing that my wife and I are bound together in providing a godly home and that they are getting the message- these are the greatest Father’s Day gifts I could ever receive.


A Worthy Cause: Happy Father’s Day!


My dad and my sons at the park, Father’s Day 2012.

I just finished a great Father’s Day weekend with my family. Today I honored my dad along with my family, my mom, my brother and his wife.

Yesterday, my family and I went to Downtown Jackson for the Run Jackson event promoting fathers and families. It was presented by the The Greer Campaign , a nonprofit uniting fathers and families created by Jabari Greer of the New Orleans Saints. The event featured a 5k run, a family march, entertainment headlined by Jason Castro of American Idol, food, and jumpers for the kids. I learned that the campaign provides a number of services, most notable of which to me is a 12-week series of fatherhood classes offered at the Salvation Army in Jackson. The goal of these classes is to help fathers become more involved in the lives of their children. Mr. Strayhorn, one of the great volunteers at the event, gave me more info on the classes and I appreciated his help.

Father’s Day unfortunately is not very happy for many fathers and children. Sons and daughters of all ages struggle so often with negative memories of low involvement or outright neglect from their fathers.

It will not be easy, but I want you to know that Happy Father’s Day is a worthy cause to work for. Begin today by making a commitment to connecting with your family.