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But Boys Should Be Boys

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I’m a little bit peeved right now by the conceptualization of boyhood being a sin. Let me explain.

An article at MOMeo Magazine, shares why the idea that “boys will be boys” is a mistake. The list of “boys will be boys” behaviors is as follows:

Hormone driven
Lusting after girls
Feeling superior to girls
Sexually aggressive or inappropriate with girls

These behaviors, with the exception of hormone-driven, are sins. They aren’t acceptable for anybody. But I’m to believe these behaviors define “boys being boys”?

It’s past time to stop making boyhood- and by extension, manhood- into being a disease that must be cured. It is not virtuous to make boys less boyish, it is a travesty upon the next generation of men.

I offer my own list of qualities that define a boy being a boy:

Playful, Physical, Adventurous
Curious, Observant, Smart
Clever, Creative, Imaginative
Strong, Fighters, Competitive
Strong-willed, Value-seekers, Problem-solvers
Able, Capable, Adaptable
Relational around common interests, Want to have friends
Notices the differences in boys and girls

A parent who molds these natural traits will develop men with values, boundaries, self-worth, appreciation for women, a sense of purpose,

Prohibiting the natural inclinations of boys is an excuse not to elicit and form the best traits of men in our sons. Laziness, conformity, and political correctness are the biggest culprits boys face growing up in American homes today.

Labeling negative conduct by invoking, “boys will be boys,” is as much a cop-out as excusing bad conduct by invoking, “boys will be boys.” While the excusers have ruined the current generation, the labelers will contribute to destroying a whole new generation of men.

Plenty of boys grow up to be rude, offensive, insensitive, and inappropriate. But in an effort to insure that these boys continue on the negative track they’re on, the value and role of fathers has been diminished. Boys don’t need etiquette teachers or political correctness instructors- they need fathers. Keep up the idea that men are unnecessary, insist that boys shouldn’t be men, and instead of seeing more respectful men, you will continue to see boys that are unprepared for adulthood and incapable of contributing to society.

Sorry for the tone- but it had to be said. Men and women are not the same, and parents have the power to bring out the best in sons and daughters. Minimizing their distinctions is not the answer- harnessing the best of who they are created to be, is the answer. What are your thoughts? Let me know, I look forward to some great dialogue!

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