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I See You Healed

Update: My symptoms have been nearly nonexistent since writing this post. I believe Christ has honored my obedience, because out of my sickness and the message of healing I received, others were also meant to be healed. I was a roadblock to that until I wrote this post. I’m believing for miracles in the lives of those who have read this and those who have yet to read it.

I should have written this a couple of weeks ago. It’s a story that has begged to be written.

I’m dealing with a little health issue. I’ve dealt with it for around three years now, most of that time doing nothing substantial about it. It finally got to the point it was impacting my daily living significantly. So a few doctor’s visits, tests, and a colonoscopy later, I find out that I have ulcerative colitis. Actually, it took two doctors and a nurse practitioner with a colonoscopy in the middle, then one last doctor (the right one) and a second colonoscopy, to find out the diagnosis.

That being said, I’ve been feeling really bad for a really long time. I’m sure I won’t realize how bad until I finally get my condition completely under control. We’re still trying to do that.

Being an Apostolic Pentecostal, I believe in the gift of divine healing. I have claimed and held to the promise of healing. Hasn’t happened yet. No impact on my faith, just some discouragement every now and then when I’m at my worst. Even though I have had prayer many times, I finally spoke publicly to the church about what I have been going through one Sunday. My family has been aware for quite some time and have been praying for me consistently.

So out of the blue one day, I come home from work. I start seeing these little notes everywhere- on the door coming into the house, on the light switch, on and inside of the refrigerator, and on the mirror in the bathroom.


My mother-in-law had been in prayer for me that day when God told her to see me healed. So she did. She told my wife about it. Julie took over and wrote all the little notes, taping them all over the house, putting them in my bag I carry to work, and stuffing them in drawers where I would eventually find them. This has been at least two weeks ago, and just yesterday I found new notes that she put in different places. She is still writing those notes. I know she believes completely.

Again in prayer, God told my mother-in-law, “Glen is going to have a collision with healing.” She has been faithful to share each time she hears from Him.

So I haven’t experienced the fullness of healing yet. But I still believe. And I know what my next step should have been all this time. I’m taking it right now.

I should have written this a long time ago. I’m writing it now: I see you healed.

I wondered why so many people have crossed my path lately in need of healing. I’ve been guilty of neglecting prayer where prayer was desperately needed. I rectified one such lapse a couple of weeks ago with a coworker who had been really sick. She felt God move. I she her healed. Another coworker suffered a stroke. But many prayed, and God spared him. He has a long way to recovery, a recovery that may only be possible by divine healing. I see him healed.

I’d love to see you, speak to you, and touch you according to the scriptures to pray for your healing. It isn’t possible to do that for all of you. But I still see you healed.

From your chronic depression, I see you healed.
Your cancer and your heart disease, I see you healed.
Your headaches, tumors, and infections, I see you healed.
Your long-term disabilities, your chronic, recurrent conditions, I see you healed.
Your grief and strife and bitterness, I see you healed.
Your self-inflicted wounds, your unrelenting guilt, I see you healed.
Your traumas that were outside of your control, I see you healed.
Your type 1 and type 2 diabetes, I see you healed.
Your unexpected emergency, illness or injury, I see you healed.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I see you healed.

Some even in Christianity don’t believe what I’m proclaiming right now. I don’t care. I believe for you even if you don’t believe for yourself.

I know that my healing is not just for me. These simple but profound expressions of faith for my healing is not just for me either. It’s my calling to tell you that you are healed. I’ll get my healing as I’m faithful to tell you that your healing is here.

When you experience your healing, do something for me. Cry out to Jesus out of joy and ask Him for more of His Spirit and grace. And share healing with others. When you pray in the name of Jesus Christ, healing will happen.

See more about my faith here.


Modern Israel and her leadership must remember this lesson from their history. King Asa had 35 years of peace. He liked peace so much that he avoided war at all cost. When the wicked king of Israel (divided kingdom at this time, Asa was King of Judah) set up against Asa to prevent the people from entering or leaving their nation, Asa pulled the silver and gold from the Temple to buy an alliance with Ben-Hadad of Syria. Ben-Hadad broke his alliance with Asa’s enemy, and peace was preserved.

The problem is, peace should not be our highest aspiration. Peace is a by-product of serving God and being in His will. When we become comfortable with compromise, we will not raise a weapon, but we will give up sacred things to stay comfortable. Because Asa abdicated the security of his nation to a foreign king’s graces, God punished Asa with war for the rest of his reign, and the people were made subjects of Syria.

We must pray for Israel as the nation fights for the rightful standing they have from God. And we must never forget that peace carries a price, freedom is never free, and we are never more secure than when we are vigilant and ready to protect ourselves.

3 Lessons I’m Re-learning- Prayer

I take for granted sometimes that there are some people who follow this blog intently. I haven’t updated as often as I should throughout February, for which I apologize. But the truth is I burned myself out a little over the past few months. This is something we are all prone to do.

Burn-out may mean backing up a step, but it is so you can see more clearly, not to allow you to stop altogether.

As a result of seeing more clearly, there are at least 3 things I am re-learning so I can continue with my purpose in life ( including this blog) in a way that glorifies God and adds value to you.
I’m re-learning how to pray.
I’m re-learning how to lead.
I’m re-learning how to be content.

Today I focus on re-learning to pray. In Sunday school today, Pastor Curtis Howard taught on the Lord’s Prayer. He used a skit in which he conversed with God (portrayed by a deep-voiced fellow with a mic in the other room) as he tried to hurry through reciting the Lord’s Prayer. At each point in the prayer, God inconvenienced him by having him reflect on himself, such as challenging him to do God’s will when he prayed for God’s will to be done in Earth. When my Pastor prayed, “For thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory…,” God asked, “Do you really want to please me?” Pastor answered, “Yes God, I really do want to please you. How do I give you all the glory?” Then the voice answered, “You just did.” All He wants is to have a conversation with each of us regularly and for us to listen to Him in those moments, not to just recite rote prayers.

If we are not re-learning how to pray, we have each either stopped praying, or we have become comfortable praying recited, repetitious prayers that are not being effective. For the sake of our families and homes, churches and communities, that’s not good. I’m glad to take the chance to get my prayer life in check. Because God has great things in store and I want to be involved.

What’s your story about re-learning to pray? Let me hear from you below! And look for part 2!

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